About the Artist

Susan McCallum is a professional artist, illustrator and Resident Artist, whose work is known both locally and Internationally. She is as comfortable with a kindergarten class as she is with high school students or special needs students.  Susan develops and facilitates art programs such as “Brush Strokes with Susan,” a fund raiser and a very inclusive workshop.  Susan has a deep passion for self expression through art and loves to share her enthusiasm with her students and teachers.  She has years of class room experience.  Susan has illustrated children’s books, online First Nations educational projects and worked as a green screen water colour artist that garnered an International Rockie Award for the Best Youth Production-Fiction.

Susan also received an award from
Pacific Community Resources for her art program at West Coast Alternate for FASD students in appreciation of exceptional support, compassion and outstanding practice 2008/09.

Upon request Susan works with the teacher to enhance curriculum requirements. An important part of Susan’s art workshops is recognition for the students’ creativity. Her sessions always end with a group critique, where the pride of the students is shared and their work is acknowledged.