Brush Strokes with Susan


Susan McCallum, a popular Artist in Residence and Professional Artist is offering your school a unique creative fund raiser. Susan has designed an art program that includes your entire school in painting canvases with acrylic paint and then holding a school wide art show to sell the paintings! The school can choose a theme for the show and also combine it with another event.


1. A school presentation in the gym informing students and teachers of the program and Susan’s career as an artist and illustrator. She is an International Award winning TV green screen artist. Susan has a deep passion for self expression through art and loves to share her enthusiasm with her students. She has years of class room experience and has ways of drawing out the most reluctant young artist. It is her experience that planting the seed of creativity is a great investment in the future.

2. Susan visits each class room, the students will come up with an idea for their paintings under the inspiration and guidance of Susan. Each sketch will be the size of their painting (8 in. X 10 in.). High quality pencil crayons are provided. Each session @ 45 min. per class.

3. The students will receive the painting workshop two classes at a time. K to Grade 3 is a 45 min session, Grade 4 to 7 is a 1 hr and 30 min session. Susan will supply all the canvases, brushes, paints, artist charcoal and instruction. Four helpers from other classes are required for each painting work shop.

4. Silent Auction Student Art Show. Susan supplies all the black floor length table cloths, the paintings are displayed on and will help set up the art show. It is such a fun, community building, high energy night, that is very rewarding!


A teacher or parent willing to be a contact person for the project, which would include organizing the class schedules and helping set up the art show of finished paintings.

Some schools apply for grants to help pay for the workshop others have each student contribute. The silent auction art show also very successfully raises money.

This is a very popular program, please book in advance to reserve your dates! At least three weeks is needed for pre-ordering canvases. The cost of the 8x10 canvases are $1.25 plus HST. Not included in Artist’s fee, Susan will purchase them and be reimbursed.

A room in your school that can accommodate two classes at a time. 45 min for grade 3 and under, 1 hour and 30 mins for grade 4 to 7. Approx 12 long tables.


Instruction, high quality pencil crayons, artist charcoal, paints, brushes, palettes, mixing trays, table coverings, floor length black table cloths to display paintings on. Also templates for your invitations, posters and silent auction bid sheet.


All paints and equipment provided (with the exception of the canvases as noted). For more information on availability and Artist fees, please contact Susan McCallum directly.

 Artist’s fee can be paid upon completion of workshop or after fund raiser Art Show within 30 days of workshop. 604.430.1355

                        Susan McCallum

Brush Strokes with Susan.......Creativity flows!